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Technical Details

We currently use the Mobirise web development system for building web sites. Its template-based web page layout and editing platform lets us build web sites quickly, yet we can access web page code under the covers to customize the page display as needed. An extra bonus is that sites built in Mobirise are mobile-ready from the get go. This means any web site we build in Mobirise will automagically display correctly on any device - PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The template-based approach used in the Mobirise system is very similar to, and works in much the same way as, building web sites with the Squarespace service. (We know this because we have experience with the service, having built Squarespace web sites for a few of our clients.)

In cases where client requirements go beyond the basics, we have a strong handle on the open-source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP) web development system. With the combination of Mobirise and LAMP, we can build a web site that can do pretty much anything you need done.

And if what you want is to have your own custom Wordpress site (not hosted on, with your own domain name and where you control the content - we can help you with that too!

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